HD5, SD, and DR Series DVRs Support Page


The HD6, HD5, SD and DR Series Software (VMS) is used to view, save, and capture video from HD6, HD5, SD, and DR Series DVRs.

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To view video without needing to perform an installation, use the REI Miniplayer.



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HD5-1200 HD5-600 SD-300


Quick Guides

SD-300 Quick Guide - SD-300 Quick Guide
REI Toolkit - How to connect to and configure the DVR using the REI Toolkit Apps.
IP Camera Configuration - Tutorial in setting up REI IP cameras to work with the HD5.
ARMOR Server Requirements - Informational guidelines. Work with the REI IT Department for tailored requirements.
Record Time Estimator For HD6 / HD5 / SD-300 - Application to estimate total recording time on an HD6, HD5, or an SD DVR.
Record Time Estimator For SD40/DR40 - Web page to estimate total recording time for SD40 and DR40 devices.
Maintenance Guide - Quick guide for maintaining HD5 DVRs.



HD5 Hardware Manual HD5 System Diagram

SD40/DR40 Hardware Manual SD40/DR40 System Diagram

SD-300 Hardware Manual SD-300 System Diagram